Welcome to the homepage of the Boston Hibernians. We're the growing James Michael Curley Division (Boston Division 1) of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. We have a division meeting on the first Wednesday of every month.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is America’s oldest Irish Catholic Fraternal Organization, and promotes friendship, unity, and Christian charity. In addition, the Ancient Order of Hibernians raises awareness of Irish heritage in America. For more information, please go to the national website or the state website.

The Boston Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians is named after James Michael Curley, former Irish Mayor of the City of Boston.


Recent hacking

Apologies for the recent hacking. We had to change the email address with which posts are uploaded to the blog. Some spambots got a hold of it, and well... it wasn't pretty.

But we're back in business now.


I have finally added a PayPal button to the site so that you can pay your annual dues online.

You can use the button here.

News Page

I've finally added a news feed to the homepage, and fixed up some backstage things.